Property Development Analysis & Feasibility Report

Many of our clients come to us with sites they are looking to buy, but require an in depth analysis of the property development potential and possible outcome.

Our Property Development Analysis & Feasibility Report will identify and include,

a)    Property zoning

b)    Property Overlays

c)    Easements on title

d)    Design constraints

e)    Dwelling setbacks analysis

f)     Whether or not there is opportunity to subdivide your property

g)    A basic design schematic of the townhouse or apartments,

h)    Potential number of townhouses or apartments on the site,

i)      Sales estimates on completion (based on Real Estate Agents Advice)

j)      Construction estimates

k)     Complete estimates of project consultants fees

l)      Tabulate all the above results in a form of a feasibility spreadsheet

m)   Identify what the potential profit on cost will be

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