Buyer’s Advocate Services

Founder and principal of Projectfacilitator, Peter Bozinoski, is delighted to be able to provide buyer’s advocate services to property investors seeking to acquire properties that are suitable for economic and profitable subdivision, development and/or onsale.

Leveraging his personal and professional expertise in this area, Peter utilises his knowledge in the acquisition, planning, building and subdivision of residential, commercial and/or industrial sites to deliver a service almost exclusively provided in the past to individual residential investors.

Always working within the parameters set by agreement with the client, Peter exhaustively identifies your desired exposures, researches, selects and presents to you suitable opportunities, analyses the upside available from the optimum development and use of those sites and provides a recommendation as to which project is the most commercially viable. If and when you are comfortable in proceeding, Peter can negotiate the property’s purchase price and assist throughout the planning, building, subdivision and sale and/or leasing process.

We recognise that certain investors may wish to undertake and derive gains from an entire project, not simply those targeted from one apartment or house. For those with the requisite appetite for that potential risk and reward, we are pleased to offer these services in a manner that mitigates risk and maximises your returns.

This service reinforces Projectfacilitator’s position as an innovative market leader in this industry and differentiates us from those who are capable of assisting only the modest, single dwelling property investor.

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