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Rezoning of city land, the biggest in Australia

02 July 2012

The State Government has re-zoned the waterside Fishermans Bend precinct in Melbourne to allow for residential development. It is the largest re-zoning of city land in Australia. The area is currently classed as light industrial, but is to be developed into four new high-density suburbs, expected to house up to 50,000 people. The Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy says the re-zoning paves the way for development to begin. “People will actually see activity and development throughout the precinct earlier than expected,” he said. “We are very confident that the development industry and the construction industry will have a good future through the Fishermans Bend precinct. “It is 240 hectares of inner-city urban renewal opportunity, it is 10 times larger than anything else in Australia,”Mr Guy says development will begin almost immediately. “Most of the area at the moment is light-industrial,” he said. “It can mix well with residential over a period of time to change, and we believe this precinct will be one that is not just residential, but jobs into the future as well.”It’ll be a mixed use precinct so it can co-exist well, and that’s the advantage of such a large urban renewal precinct in Melbourne.”

source: ABC news

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