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Making the Numbers Stack Up

There is no denying that Melbourne is growing in population and will keep growing well into the future. The Victorian Government’s latest Victoria in Future 2012 figures project that over the 40 years to 2051, Victoria’s population will increase by 3.2 million to 8.7 million. Over the same period, Melbourne’s population is expected to grow to 6.5 million, while regional Victoria is projected to grow to 2.3 million. How we manage this growth is up to us. Housing plays a vital role in how a city manages population growth and how we provide housing is both a challenge and an opportunity for the identity of the city and the suburbs.The Property Council’s latest study Making the Numbers Stack Up – A Study into Major Residential Urban Renewal in Melbourne, seeks to outline the key drivers behind urban renewal in Melbourne, to demonstrate the market conditions required to facilitate housing growth in established areas and what role state and local governments’ play in ensuring urban renewal adequately addresses ongoing challenges such as housing availability and affordability in Victoria. The development of a new Metropolitan Strategy is under way and the Victorian Government has made clear commitments to manage the state’s population growth. Urban renewal will continue to play a significant role in how Melbourne transforms in coming years and the Property Council believes that it is vital that government, industry and the community fully understand the drivers which underpin urban renewal outcomes. This study aims to demonstrate the significance of the residential aspect of urban renewal.  This report is a study that will spark dialogue and we hope will be used to directly inform the Metropolitan Strategy. As such, the Property Council has steered away from making distinct recommendations. We want this study to be developed further and to play an important role in how Melbourne delivers urban renewal in the future.

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