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7 Step Guide To Purchasing A Property To Develop

Step 1

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “what is my objective for this property development project?” That is, are you developing the property to build and hold dwellings for leasing purposes or are you developing the property to build and sell for a profit?

Step 2

You need to consider the purchasing structure in which you intend to buy. The purpose of the development will dictate the type of company structure you will need to set up. It is ...

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Interest Rates On Hold

Worried mortgage holders had some good news today – the Reserve Bank kept interests rates on hold at 4.75 per cent for another month.
Although the decision was widely expected, there has been plenty of speculation recently about both a rate rise, and a rate cut, leaving consumers confused about which way rates were headed this month.
“It’s a good news day for households with a mortgage,” says expert Carolyn Boyd. “Although retail sales figures had a ...

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A new investment opportunity is born whilst the media halt the property market

There are so many different opinions out there regarding the status of the current residential market and where it is heading, how can one make sense of it all?
Whether you are reading the newspaper, seeing it on television news reports or reading articles by “property experts” on the Internet, everyone seems to have an opinion on where the market is heading.
It is no wonder there is no consumer confidence with so much negativity being reported in the media. ...

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Frustrated with the Planning System ?

The number one question I get about property development is which council do I find is best to deal with? My answer:

Planning decisions are not based on whether or not you have achieved compliance with rescode, nor are they made on whether you have complied with council policies, it is a fact, that all decisions made have a political influence, full stop. Time and time again we experience inconsistencies with councils across Victoria irrespective of municipality. So, how does the ...

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You too can be part of the Property Development Action

Many people fear losing their money, whether they invest it in the share market or property. Yet, more people are willing to spend their money on luxuries they want (not need) and don’t seem to have an issue with this.

For many years I have been asked the question, so when is a good time to buy a property, develop it and make some money?

My answer has always been, it is always a good time to buy property regardless of what ...

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