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Projectfacilitator has been developed with the clear intention to assist and enable persons of all walks of life to get in to the Property Development game and make a dollar.

Peter Bozinoski is the Founder and Director of Projectfacilitator.com.au.

Strong willed, focused and passionate about property development, Peter does what ever it takes to ensure he delivers the best product for his clientele. Every project is treated as if it were Peter’s own personal property development project, and this is testament to his achievements for his clients.

Having extensive experience in the building, town planning and real estate industry, coupled with the street smarts, he has the ability to identify properties in certain areas and propose an outside the box property development solution.

Working at local council in Victoria in his early days certainly bolstered his knowledge around the regulatory framework of property development.

In 1999, Peter started his own building and property development consultancy business, with permit certification, building regulatory compliance advice and property development site selections, being the key services. In the same year Peter started his own property development company.

After purchasing his first property in 1997 Peter has been actively involved in the property market ever since.

In 2007, Peter founded projectfacilitator.com.au, a one stop shop targeted at people wanting to get into property development and offering a project management solution from start to finish. The company’s motto, “Property development without the headaches”.

What was once a hobby, doing property developments for himself, then family and friends, has now become a successful business with customers from mums and dads to busy professionals.

Writing a book has been something Peter has wanted to do for a very long time and most recently Peter published a “7 Step Guide To Subdividing Your Property”, which he makes available through his website.

Peter holds qualifications in both the Building and Real Estate Industry, which include a Bachelor of Technology (Building Surveying), Associate Diploma Applied Science (Building Inspection) and Certificate in Real Estate for Agents’ Representatives and is a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Planning Institute of Australia.

Peter’s wealth of experience in the building and property development profession for more than 15 years has allowed him to utilise his experience on projects throughout Australia.

A devoted husband, father of three gorgeous children, Peter enjoys his weekends with his family, playing soccer, golf and reading the weekend auction results.

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